Primrose Haven Retreats

College of Sound Healing Annual Gathering


2021 - Date TBC

All students from College of Sound Healing welcome

  • Meeting and Sharing Sound Healing

  • Sacred Sounds in the Sound Peace Chamber

  • Whirling Meditation with Sound

  • Sound Healing with Sacred Geometry

  • Improvisation and Spontaneous Songs

  • Sound Healing in the Beautiful Gardens

  • Releasing Negative Emotions through Sound

  • Celtic use of Sacred Sound

  • Group Sound Healings

  • Sharing Songs

  • Gong Bath

Friday evening to Sunday afternoon wholesome food and single room accommodation £175; sharing with one person £160; camping with food £145. Rooms will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

Feedback from the College of Sound Healing Summer Gathering 2012 weekend

A magical place, like another world! A weekend full of love and beauty, in place, people, gorgeous food and hospitality and blissful sounds of nature, voice and healing. Inspirational and totally uplifting. Thank you, Paul and Jan..... Angelica Blu

An amazing, magical weekend in a wondrous landscape. I feel that an inner transformation has started this weekend in the space held by Paul, with fantastic guidance, deep intuition and love. I've felt very supported and nurtured by the lovely cooking and presence of Jan. I've also learnt lots of new skills and sounds and feel great and met other sound healers which was really important. Diane Stewart

I love to return to this incredibly special place of Primrose. A truly awesome retreat and sound healing weekend. I enjoyed the special sacred spaces of the Sound Chamber and the Emissary wheel. It was lovely meeting and working with likeminded people and there was much love and kindness. The food delicious and hospitality and accommodation extremely good...Jane O' Connor

Very inspirational- really enjoyed the sound bath and the vegetarian food. The sacred circle ceremony was extremely moving and the waterfall truly enchanting- literally drenched us in peace. The candles and the atmosphere in the Sound Chamber brought about a feeling of the sacredness of life and nature. It was good to be taught be someone with a respect for the nature kingdom, and who was obviously dedicated to the blossoming practice of sound healing. Thank you so much Paul......Tony Priestley

It was wonderful to be back here in such a beautiful, holding space and connecting with 'shiney' people! A lovely mix of spontaneous song, chants, healings and connecting with the land- especially the waterfall- very powerful and cleansing! Andy Hughes

Feedback Summer Gathering at Primrose Centre 2013

That a wonderful experience this weekend was. The highlights for me were the gong/sound bath and the spiral Hu meditation, but everything has been so enlightening. The spontaneous song element has been quite the most amazing thing to be involved in. Blessings all. Netsey.

FANTASTIC!! Beautiful place with a beautiful intention. So much wisdomand so much sense of what is right in the world and the way we should be. Politicians take note. Awesome accomodation. Such a lovely organic feel to the place, with food to match. James

Powerful in every aspect. I loved it. Mauritzia

This came at the perfect time when I needed some healing and regeneration of my spirits. I received all that and more. The sounding into the waterfall was excilerating and releasing and the spontaneous singing in the emissary wheel was a palpable taste of heaven. Thank you. Carolin

Thank you so much for your caring, sharing gentleness both you and Jan. I feel really nurtured. The sounds were magical and the meeting places wonderful. With Love, Light and Blessings. Gillian x

Another amazing weekend at Primrose Farm with Paul and Jan. A wonderful energy was created from the start in the sound chamber. Beautiful healing spaces- the best in my opinion! Brilliantly facilitated with knowledge, commitment, enthusiasm and integrity. Wonderful food and accommodation and fab. opportunities to go out into the surrounding countryside. Lots of practical tools to put into practice. A big thank you and all the best for the future. Clare x

An amazing first at Primrose Centre. I truly learnt so much. A lovely group of people with mixed ages. Wonderful sounds and the whirling meditation and the sound bath were particularly special. Also, Jan's nurturing is very heartening. Love Chris

lovely to be here on a fantastic weekend. New experiences. New confidence of purpose. Love. Pauline