Primrose Haven Retreats

Sound Healing and Nature

14-16 June 2024

SOUND HEALING WITH NATURE additional module under College of Sound Healing curriculum; also open to anyone outside the College training programme; no previous experience necessary.

Experience sound healing and the healing sense of belonging in nature

Sound healing with sacred geometry

Cost: £215 including food & single accommodation or £195 non-residential

The weekend will integrate the healing power of nature into our healing voice work. We will work with the sounding traditions of people that lived close to nature and used sound to deepen their connection with their environment. Primrose Haven contains many beautiful gardens and natural spaces. The course will be held in the Sound Peace Chamber, the Celtic Roundhouse and in some outside spaces such as the Peace Garden, the Stone Circle with the four directions and elements, the Emissary Wheel and beside a mountain stream in the nearby woods. We will explore some of the deeper healing potential of nature and use sound to connect with this.

We will gain an understanding of the qualities of the elements - fire, water, earth and air - and explore our relationships to them and the way they influence our lives.

We will demonstrate the ways that sound can be used to heal ourselves and others and the healing power of sound in nature. Nature can provide a very supportive environment in which to release pain and disharmony through sound. We will work with this potential on an individual and group level.

We will share our experience of the Damanhur projects of the Music of the Plants and Orienting Trees to help raise the global network of tree consciousness.  

The cost of the workshop includes meals and 2 nights' accommodation in Shepherds' Huts, Yurts or Bell Tents.

TO BOOK: Please contact Paul: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone: 07811 816637

View feedback from the retreat below.



Celtic Emissary Wheel


Feedback from the 'Sound Healing with Nature' weekend:

"Thank you so much Paul and Jan for this retreat. I learnt so much from you and everyone. The space you created is so inspiring. I feel so grateful to be able to meet you and walk in this space."  Melanie, 2022

"Magical, nurturing, connecting, healing.  Deepest appreciation to Paul for his wisdom and warmth. Jan's gentle guidance and delicious, nourishing food is deeply appreciated.  Primrose Haven, I would love to return.  Sleeping in a Shepherd's Hut has been a beautiful experience and to wake to sunshine through the bedroom window was a joy."  Hilly, 2022

"Thank you for a wonderful weekend. I feel full up with love, joy and peace. I am well rested and well fed. Primrose Haven nourishes Mind, Body and Spirit! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."  Tracey, 2022

"I really loved the whole experience. Both Paul and Jan were so knowledgeable and welcoming. I felt held and supported throughout the whole time. Will definitely be back!!" Kinga, 2022

"Thoroughly enjoyable and experiential workshop.  The environment and (how) Paul and Jan provide and prepare the space led us naturally into deep healing in sounds within and around us. A great opportunity and privilege to intimately re-connect with myself, with others and with nature around us."  Yukiko, 2022

"Incredible deep, healing experience.  I felt comfortable during the whole weekend, even when I was very emotional, like being in safe hands. I'm grateful for you both and feel closer to all that is one on this amazing journey".  Rikk, 2019

"Just my thing!  Wonderful to experience both familiar activities in a group, which felt safely and warmly held and lots of new ideas to explore.  The sacred geometry aspect was powerful.  Loads of inspiration, yummy food.  Loved time to explore plant spirit medicine.  Validating and inspirational.  Hope to come back soon."  Ailsa, 2019

"Transformational healing experienced; amazing grounds; huge amounts of knowledge and integrity.  Wonderful cabin.  Gentleness and lovely, nurturing food."  Kailash, 2019

"I liked the mix of different activities and the variety and all done in a practical and experiential way, some of which are simple so we can do them on our own easily.  Also liked the information on topics that we can deepen more if we wish.  I like that it is very healing and re-connecting.  I'm very grateful." Belen, 2019

"Thank you for hosting a lovely weekend.  I did many things I had not experienced before.  Some really wonderful healing energy here.  Also lovely accommodation and lovely food and I look forward to the next time visiting."  William, 2019

"Thank you for a very intense yet gently-led weekend. It has been wonderful to be part of such warm energy and shared so lovingly. It is a special place and it has been a special weekend, opening up many avenues with such respect and knowledge. Huge thank you to Paul and Jan for your kind hospitality and generosity of spirit."  Lindsay, 2017

"Beautiful weekend in a stunning location. Wonderful food - thank you and lovely accommodation. Your kindness and generosity has created a beautiful space. Lots to take in and lots to take home for my practice and development. It excited my desire for sound healing and has helped spark and ignite once more my passion for nature inherent in me." Edris, 2017

"Many very interesting thoughts and techniques to take away. Many thanks." Jenny, 2017

"I enjoyed the opportunity to take time and immerse myself in the meditation and engage with nature whilst doing this. I felt very cared for and welcomed into 'The Haven' by Jan and Paul. A really well-spent, relaxed weekend."  Gemma, 2017

"A lovely course. A delightful haven with lovely energy and food."  Pamela,


"For once in my life, I find I am at a loss to convey to you just how deeply meaningful this whole experience was for me - with so much joy, happiness, learning and discovery. Suffice to say that that weekend stands tall as an inner way-marker for my crossing a deeply sacred threshold in my life - and for that, I give my heartfelt thanks and appreciation - for being just the right people in the right place at the right time. You certainly provided me with the most beautiful taster of the sweet basket of apples that ever awaits us all" 

"The teaching was very organic and as befitted working with nature, flowed with the environmental circumstances. It was also clear that the teaching was coming from a lot of lived experience. The setting was just wonderful. Truly you could feel the health of the plants and nature around you and that in itself was supportive of healing. There is a real sense of the land being listened to and it was very inspiring to see various sacred spaces - the emissary wheel, the tree wheel and the element garden being developed. The sacred sound chamber was very beautiful and provided a very charged space to work, almost womb like."

"The food was INCREDIBLE. Cooked with love and full of goodness. And the accommodation was lovely."

"A great weekend full of special times. I came back very refreshed."

"I want to say a huge thanks to Paul and Jan for an absolutely amazing weekend. It was truly inspirational. Not only did I learn new techniques for connecting with sound I felt a real connection with nature and how to be better aware of what is around me. I can't really express in words the positive impact the course has had on me. I would strongly encourage anyone interested in healing, sound, nature to book on one of your courses. It was a truly brilliant and enlightening experience! Paul you are an inspiration and Jan so nurturing. The accommodation and food were superb and as well as learning to connect more with nature I felt extremely nurtured because of your beautiful guest house and nutritious fare. I will definitely be recommending your courses to anyone who will listen! And I will definitely be back to Primrose Earth Awareness Centre to fill up on sound, nature and healing in the future!"  Clare Sanders

Sound Healing and Nature