Primrose Haven Retreats

Emissary Wheel

"The Emissary wheel is a sacred geometric symbol. It is a foundation of the Peace Ministers study in the Seminary Program and represents the path to both personal and global transformation and enlightenment.

The Emissary wheel is made up of one center circle and twelve outer points, each point having a related word/attribute. The wheel is used for meditation, intention setting, prayer, healing, personal and global transformation and balancing.

The Emissary wheel represents the Self. Each point on the wheel and the related attribute represent a quality, that when reflected upon and embodied can assist in the path of awakening. The center of the wheel represents the space of stillness and Divine connection which is present within all living beings. This is a space of connection to greater Universal truths, a space within each of us that is already awake, aware and fully realized".

At Primrose we have created a very large Emissary Wheel with a Star of David incorporating a second inner triangle and we use this for sending healing sounds to the centre.

Emissary Wheel