Primrose Haven Retreats

Peace Sound Chamber

Sound ChamberSound Chamber 1A sanctuary has been created within its own discreet area adjacent to the ancient oak tree. This contains a sacred Sound Peace Chamber. From the inspiration of the Native American visionary, Joseph Rael - otherwise known as Beautiful Painted Arrow, it is one of over 70 such chambers around the world. It provides an important space for connecting with sacred sounds, ceremony, mediation and for manifesting peace. Half buried within the ground, the resonance created within, help to heal people, the earth and the surrounds. Each chamber has its own focus. However, the international network gives guidance and co-ordinates link-ups between the chambers to create simultaneous and continuous sessions of chanting. This channels healing vibrations around the world, raising consciousness and assisting in (manifesting) world peace. Jeanne White Eagle was guided to Joseph after he requested someone to come and awaken the chamber. Jeanne and her husband John Pehrson now work as a team for this purpose, travelling the world performing awakening ceremonies and concerts for peace. They also perform peace work in countries of conflict and lead the powerful 'For the One' Sacred Dance which symbolises the end of separation and the one-ness of all life. Jeanne and John have visited Primrose Sound Peace Chamber on three occasions to perform peace ceremonies, run workshops and concerts for peace and in September 2004, they came to marry Jan and Paul.