Primrose Haven Retreats

The Magical Resonance Of Celtic & Druidic Sounds

18-20 May 2018 - Weekend Retreat

We are very excited to be offering 'The Magical Resonance of Celtic & Druidic Sounds' at Primrose Haven, near Hay on Wye.

We will be sharing some of the practices and deep wisdom of our Celtic ancestors, looking at the symbolism that guided their lives and spiritual practices, ways in which they would have connected with the great megalithic monuments and the magical sounding that they embraced to honour and connect with their environment and spirit worlds.  This can be an opening to begin the journey to discover our indigenous souls. There will be particular focus on working with spirals and spiral consciousness, which the Celtic and Druidic people held in great reverence.

Celtic Stones

Making Ceremony With The Magical Resonance Of Celtic & Druidic Sounds

7-9 September 2018 - Weekend Retreat

This will be an "Advanced" form of the above retreat, incorporating aspects of making ceremony in order to deepen our connection with the Celtic and Druidic sounding and spiritual practices.

Celtic Workshop

Feedback from 2017:

"The workshop was just divine and perfectly timed for me. The love and enthusiasm with which Paul shared his huge knowledge on the subject was infectious. I have been feeling a pull to connect with the mysticism or wisdom that is closer to my roots and he opened my eyes, ears and heart to the depth of the Celtic Druidic tradition. The content was deeply enriching and it was wonderful to get out into nature to experience the energies of the Celtic ancestors. During the workshop I felt some inner shifts around my understanding and use of voice which are now being shared in my work." (Ali 2017)

"Something very special happens on Paul's workshops. He holds the space well and senses people's needs at all levels. During the Celtic Sounds course we were taken deep into the wonders of the Celtic and Druidic lore. The physical side, from the snug accommodation to the wonderful home-cooked food made by Jan just adds to the overall wellbeing one feels during the weekend. Then coming away renewed and regenerated, ready to integrate into life, somehow changed. (Jenni 2017)

"Beautiful venue, amazing food and powerful healing from the sound activities. Gorgeous people and energy and I recommend Paul and Jan one hundred percent." (Najwa 2017)

"Loved it. Beautiful space, so much to learn, delicious food, Sound Chamber is amazing, the chakra sounds deeply healing. Thank you so much." (Deborah 2017)

"Amazing weekend and lovely retreat. Everything just flowed whether in the rain, sun or by candlelight. Paul was like a storyteller - which is as I suspect what in his heart he is. Jan's food is spectacular, like she is herself. Hugs in abundance." (Jane 2017)