Primrose Haven Retreats

Paul Benham and Sound

In addition to his background in permaculture and organic farming, Paul Benham has had many years of experience with yoga, Tai Chi, dance, voice awakening and sound healing work.

'I primarily act as a catalyst. We all carry within us the ability to connect perfectly with rhythm and have a beautiful, natural voice waiting to be expressed. The aim is to create a safe environment in which a connection can be made with these deeply hidden inner qualities.

'I teach techniques of using sound from various traditions and this demonstrates the amazing power of sacred sound and its healing potential - these include Druidic, Native American, Sanskrit, Mongolian Over toning, Buddhist and Sufi. I feel most affinity with the earth-honouring Native American and Druidic traditions, since they use sound to connect with the elements and their environment generally. This harmonises with my desire to awaken connection with the sacred land here and the ancient stones and peaceful earth of the Black Mountain. Particularly with the Druidic and Celtic traditions, it is possible to connect with the ancestral spirits of this place, which helps us to become more in tune with the vibration of the land here.

'Movement plays an important role in my work, since the combination of sound and movement is very powerful. Focus is given to connecting to the rhythms of breath, heartbeat, walking and other rhythmic combinations of sound and movement. Within this, there is scope for improvisation and a potential for play. The aim is to loosen up and relax our bodies sufficiently so that they begin to resonate with sound and the healing process begins.

'I encourage a depth of listening to our inner sounds and rhythms and the subtle energies around us. This facilitates our potential for becoming more 'in tune' with ourselves and to be in greater harmony with the cosmos. We resonate with our names to help connect us with our life path and destiny.'

Paul has gained some experience of working with people with learning difficulties and realises the enormous potential and benefit of sound healing. The beauty of his approach is that absolutely no theoretical knowledge or musical ability is required.

Paul Benham and Sound