Primrose Haven Retreats

Feedback from training courses

"I felt fully held during this retreat.  Time passed very quickly and I enjoyed the fact that it was very practical and experiential.  It's a real benefit to be residential and the beautiful, natural surroundings are very condusive to the training; the food is divine.  The tutors have a rich knowledge base."  (part 1) Marian, 2022

"Thank you. Wonderful to spend time in such a special setting and be nourished by sounds and amazing food. Thank you both." (part 1) Becky, 2022

"Enjoyed the pace and rhythm of the days. Beautiful energy at Primrose Haven that is so holding and allows for peaceful contemplation. The food was most enjoyable and I loved dining and clearing away together.  I loved the holistic and interconnected aspects of the different teachings." (part 1) Georgina, 2022

"A wonderful, experiential weekend into sound healing.  Very warm welcome, gentle introduction to different warmups, techniques and practices around sound healing and (spiritual) vocalising in nature; quite a lot to digest in some activities.  Delicious food and warm community.  Thank you so much Paul and Jan."  (part 1) Anna, 2022

"Excellent. Informative and plenty of experiential play which helps to integrate the teachings. A very satisfying weekend; I feel thoroughly nourished. Thank you for your wonderfully kind and generous hospitality." (part 1) Kate 2021

"It was a great experience. The structure is excellent. I loved the lodging; the food was great. Very intensive weekend......Good balance between structure and laid backness.... Very well run retreat; impressed, grateful. Your attention to care to people's food needs was inspiring. The grounds are beautiful.... Seeing Jan do the demo was awesome and inspiring - I'm ready to do it. One more thing - although I know running a retreat is a ton of work, you two make it look effortless. Very professional!" (part 1) Aavya 2021

"Very well-structured; the practices seemed to naturally and effortlessly culminate in the hands-on group practice at the end, going full circle from self-healing to other-healing. It was very full...very well balanced but very close to too much; perfect for a weekend intensive...I love the openness and attentiveness to the present and the new, never lose that!..... The grounds and buildings are wonderful; the plants and thus the foods are so full of life; your hearts and minds are open." (part 1) Julian 2021

"Very immersive, experiential time in great company in a lovely atmosphere." (part 1) Jeffrey 2021

"It's really hard to put into words. The land is special here. I ....released a lot of stuff and I felt my mind stretch. I also have had not much confidence with my voice so I found this weekend very helpful personally.  I would like to explore this wonderful therapy more! The teachings have been inspiring and fun and also relaxing and restorative. Thank you for looking after us so well and providing us with such lovely food. (part 1) Karen 2021

"Connecting and nourishing." (part 1) Flo 2021

"Everything I hoped for and expected plus much more. Lovely group and wonderful facilitation and food; really enjoyed the sacred feeling around the sessions, the singing and the sounding out.  Can't wait to start using it all and develop my techniques.  Beautiful surroundings and lovely calmness and connectedness.  Thank you." (part 1) - Karen 2019
"Totally unexpected since was not sure what to expect but pleasantly surprised.  The chants, songs, warm-ups in the morning, the gong bath, the food - it was a fantastic experience and one that I will take with me and pass on. Thank you Paul for sharing both your knowledge and love of sound-healing." (part 1) - Dianna 2019
"Thank you Jan, absolutely amazing food; I could taste the love and your settled state in it. A special thank you for catering for my gluten-free needs with compassion.  Paul, for your generosity of spirit in sharing your knowledge, skill and experienced; for your loving kindness in offering the sound healing gong bath and the heaing." (part 1) - Jane
"I landed in this beautiful place called Primrose Haven..... and found peace and happiness in this ground. A highly memorable weekend and group.  For my companions and to Paul and Jan, my teachers and guides, I give many blessings." (part 1) - Filipe 2019
"I'm completely blown away by the whole weekend.  I have learnt so much and am very excited by the progress I have made by the kind and skillful guidance provided by Paul and Jan. I'm so grateful to have found them and the course and to have met the other beautiful souls.  I will be back." (part 1) - Dawn 2019
"Mostly aaaaaaaaaah, ooooooooooo and a lot of eeeeeeeeee; wonderful, wow, intense, transcendent, blissful, informative, delicious, cleansing, restorative, lovingly held in creative gentleness, earthy yet light.  Unlimited gratitude for sharing both of your wisdom, energy, space and grace.  Aum x"  (part 1) - Hazel 2019
"The weekend has by far exceeded my expectations! Paul and Jan created an incredibly nurturing environmentin which we participants could solely focus on the course. The breadth of Paul's knowledge in sound healing and 'neighbouring' healing methods is astoundingand I leave with a book and headfull of newideas,new inspiration and the fervent desire to develop further in sound healing. Thank you!" (part 1) - Bersi 2018
"Had a sound time! I felt very at home.....reassured that my imagined life is becoming; I have treasured being able to ask questions about and discuss, many different realms of healing. Course 10/10; Food 10/10; Accomodation 10/10; Place 15/10." (part 1) - Kieran 2018
"A great symphony of sounds, teachings, movement, nourishment, rain, wind & sun, clouds dancing; smells of the soil, the soup & white sage; Paul's wisdom and patience; Jan's caring presence and deep knowledge; the warmth of the stoves and the hosts; being wonderfully bedded & fed and of course taught - resonating with & within, this weekend's symphony. Thank you." (part 1) - Eva 2018
"It has been such a wonderful adventure that I'm sad it's over, but actually it is just a new beginning. It has been lovely to spend time with all the fellow friends and to receive the honour to have access to such ancient knowledge, so humbly and wisely transmitted by Paul and Jan. Especially it was so unique for me to get the chance to share such a pioneeristic practice like voice healing with so many great people who share my same passion and 'call'. and feeling empowered and encouraged to keep on exploring this path. I just loved the way the course was organised, the shepherd's huts etc that made the whole experience a wonderful and nourishing adventure that made my consciousness grow. (2017-18 training course) - Andrea
"An essential experience for nurturing me into my next life phase of teaching. Paul and Jan are beautiful hearts surrounded in the love of nature." (2017-18 training course) - Petra
"Paul works with an open heart and knows how to keep his students grounded. His connection with nature, sound & spirit are so inspiring. I've learned and grown so much during this course." (2017-18 training course) - Sanne
"I loved this course so much! Paul is an inspiration, knowledgeable, humble teacher. I learned so much about sound of myself! There was lots of support through the year and I felt we all had space and permission to learn at our own pace. Primrose Haven is the ultimate place to study sound - immersed in nature, surrounded by silence and nurtured by Jan's amazing food. I look forward to taking all this amazing understanding forward and out into the world! Huge love & thanks." (2017-18 training course) - Ali
"This course has been wonderful and has helped me greatly in developing my confidence with my voice; I've enjoyed the experience so much and I am so grateful to have worked with Paul as our teacher and to have connected with all the other lovely people on this course." (2017-18 training course) - Jenny
"It was very good. The setting and tutor/s are great people. Can't beat it - doubt there is any other sound healing training that's better placed! Learnt a lot, met wonderful people ('n trees). Inspired inspiration. Thanks." (2017-18 training course)
" A healing retreat with deep integrity and wisdom and shared with a sense of compassion, love and belonging. I gained knowledge and found healing" (part 1) Joy 2017
"What an amazing experience this weekend! Paul is an inspiring and passionate teacher and Jan a wonderful co-teacher and chef. I arrived feeling tired and I am leaving feeling energised and healed. Thank you to all in this beautiful group." (part 1) Karina 2017

"Thank you both for all the love,warmth, delicious food and sonic bliss that I received whilst doing the sound practitioner course with you.  Primrose Haven has provided a sanctuary to return to again and again as my journey with sound has unfolded. Whilst there have been many highlights over the year, the spontaneous singing in the sound chamber has to be my most favourite. Each time we sang together in that beautiful, sacred space, I could feel we were one. Coming to the end of the course feels like the end of the beginning, and so I look forward to visiting again soon." (2016-17 Training course) - Val

"Thank you, Thank you! for all that you are and all you have created.  I truly have had a wonderful time and learnt so much. I am so grateful for the holding space and beautiful presence of you both. The course was a bonus!  I am truly happy and grateful to you."  (2016-17 Training Course) - Estelle

"The weekend was fantastic; great structure where we covered an awful lot. You've even managed to give me some confidence in my voice.  I can't wait for the second weekend / part 2." (part 1) Sian 2017

" Very welcoming, setting wonderful and accommodation pleasant; room lovely and warm. Food fantastic. Venues were great and atmospheric. Much was muddy - but this is Wales! The journey through sound was special and all came together to coalesque with a sound teaching/learning experience. Thoroughly enjoyed it and felt Paul and Jan easy to be with." (part 1) Emma 2017

"The weekend was a blessing and a perfect introduction to Sound Healing: to stimulate, challenge, awaken, Connect. I felt warmly held in a loving place." (part 1) Matt 2017

"Thank you for a wonderful weekend. I really do feel like I belong here! Can't wait to come back again. Jan and Paul, you are so generous and down to earth. I've felt very safe here. Thank you." (Part 1) Diana 2017

"I'm deeply thankful for these days in which I experienced once more a sign that I'm on my way .. and going in the right direction. Feeling blessed to have met you Paul and Jan and to continue this sacred exploration together with you.  Felt in love with this place, actually every corner of it; and last but not least, thank you for the loving food we received and shared in this peaceful group." (part 1) Andrea 2017

“Good pace; exercises were clear and we were given the space to explore and experience them. Teaching felt supportive and Environment felt safe. Shepherds hut lovely. Food was fab”. (part 1) Alison 2016

“Very nurturing—Excellent clear teachings, lovely group dynamics. You can feel the integrity and depth that comes from both of your teachings. You walk your talk and I feel blessed to have been a part of the teachings this weekend. Thank you for your wonderful cooking Jan”. (part 1) Bev 2016

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Paul and Jan for awakening gifts and talents within me I never knew I had. I’ve had such an amazing time this weekend made possible not just by the beautiful soul connections within the group but by and made possible from the two of you holding such a beautiful space. You truly are a beautiful team and I love the energy of the two of you. With so much love, gratitude and appreciation” (part 1) Estelle 2016

“I loved working with sound in nature and in the Sound Chamber, especially in the evenings when it had an almost sureal ambiance. I began to hear my voice more and I so enjoyed working with Paul, Jan and this lovely group. (part 1) Jemma 2016