Primrose Haven Retreats

Sound Healing Training

Healing Training accredited by the College of Sound Healing

Since 2004 Paul Benham has been an accredited tutor of the College of Sound Healing - see College of Sound Healing Tutor Accreditation

Paul and plantThe College of Sound Healing, a non-profit making organisation, was established to provide the highest quality training for those people who wish to become sound healers. There is a very comprehensive training programme and courses are facilitated by highly experienced tutors.

2023 will be the nineteenth year that we have successfully run the 5-part training course and sound healing workshop 'Sound Healing & Nature', under the College of Sound Healing. For inspired feedback from previous courses see further down the page below.


The Core Curriculum comprises five weekend workshops taken over 18 months. The five parts of the course should be taken in order. Those students who successfully complete the training will receive a certificate of Diploma in Sound Healing.

After completing the Core Curriculum students will need to complete two Additional Modules in the next year. Attending the College of Sound Healing Conference counts as an additional module.

Part 1: An Introduction to Sound Healing with the Voice

Part 2: The Theory & Practice of Sound Healing

Part 3: Music as Medicine

Part 4: Sound Healing through the Chakras

Part 5: Graduation Weekend

For those who wish to graduate, homework plus case studies will need to be completed.

Visit the College of Sound Healing for further information:


The five-part sound healing training programme is held at Primrose Haven Retreats which is situated at the foot of the ancient and sacred Black Mountains, near Hay-on-Wye, 'the town of books'.

Primrose is a very special venue for the Sound Healing Training and the Course here embraces far more than the training curriculum. The residential/retreat venue in this beautiful garden setting allows participants to travel on a deeper journey.

The venue has 3 cosy Shepherds' Huts including a double, a twin and a family, each having electricity, water and heating. There is also a Celtic Roundhouse, a Yurt and Bell Tents. They are offered on a 'first come first served' basis. There is also potential for a room in the Primrose Farm B&B and other local B&B's within walking distance.

The cost of the training is £200. Accommodation costs for the weekend are: £65 inclusive of all meals & two nights' single accommodation (Fri and Sat) in the Shepherds' Huts, Yurt and Bell Tents. Discount for sharing twin accommodation.  Lists of local B&B's are available on request. For those staying in local B&B's, meals for the w/e are £30 total.  Food is mainly vegetarian, using produce from the gardens or Primrose Organic Farm whenever possible. Special dietary requirements can be provided for.

We are sorry but there is no disabled access.

Some of the teaching takes place in the Celtic Roundhouse and the Sound Peace Chamber which is a short walk across two fields. The venue is situated amidst beautiful, mature gardens which provide an inspiring and nurturing environment, which together with the wholesome food provide a wonderful weekend retreat. The all-inclusive aspect of the course encourages the group to bond and offer mutual support.

Weekend Workshop:

Our next Part 1 training course will be held on

15-17 March 2024



'An Introduction to Sound Healing with the Voice'

Cost for the 2023-24 training programme: £200 / weekend for the training or £900 for the five weekends if paid in advance.  £65 per weekend for food and two nights' single accommodation; or £45 if sharing with one other.  Discounts available for camping.  

‘Sound Healing Training Part 1’ covering the modules in the College of Sound Healing Part I Curriculum:


Understand the healing power of the voice

Discover ways to remove blockages from the voice

Voice exercises

Create pure tones


Experience a sound healing session


The Importance of the Breath


Understand harmonics and their role in healing

Develop the ability to hear harmonics

Learn techniques to create vocal harmonics


Learn sacred chants from different spiritual traditions



Weekend Workshop:

Our next PART 2 training course will be held on

19-21 April 2024


The Theory and Practice of Sound Healing

What is Sound?

Light and Sound

Basic Sound Healing Sequence


Guidelines for Giving a Basic Sound Healing

Giving a Basic Sound Healing

The Role of Intention in Sound Healing

The Power of Silence in Sound Healing

Using the C/G Tuning Forks for Sound Healing

Using Affirmations in a Sound Healing Treatment

Herring's Laws of Cure

Case Studies

Answers to Case Study Questions

How to Treat People who are in Great Pain

What Happens in a Sound Healing Session?

Psychic Protection

Heart Sound Meditation

Sound Healing Training

Weekend Workshop:

Our next PART 3 training course will be held on

28-30 July 2023

& 26-28 July 2024


'Music as Medicine'


Understanding the healing process/blocks to healing


Learn the sounds of the Indian Scale

Using the Indian Scale to balance the chakras


Understanding the healing power of music


Experiencing the healing power of musical intervals

Learn how to use musical intervals in a healing session

Weekend Workshop:

Our next Part 4 training course will be held on

20-22 October 2023

& 25-27 October 2024


'Sound Healing Through the Chakras'


Understanding the chakras and the five elements


Do a supervised sound healing treatment


Learn how to sound the Sanskrit bija mantras for the chakras

Learn how to balance the chakras with the bija mantras


Weekend Workshop:

Our next Part 5 training weekend will be held on:

April 2024 (TBC)

& April 2025 (TBC)


'Graduation Weekend'


Review the sound healing practices you have learnt on the course:

Basic Sound Healing

Musical Intervals

Indian Scale

Bija Mantras


Students will receive their Certificates


Learn additional sound healing practices:

Using Sound Healing with Colour

Using Sound to Release Pain

Using Percussive Sounds in a Treatment

Distant Healing with Sound

Sound and Sacred Geometry

Sound and Rhythm


Discuss further training and CPD


2016 training group enjoying Jan's wholesome food

People in Conservatory

PREVIOUS FEEDBACK from the Sound Healing Training Course

For more recent feedback 2015-21 see page on 'Feedback from Training Courses'

"Thank you very much for a beautiful sound healing weekend. The space and environment you offer for sound healing is exquisite. The food was wonderfully nourishing and nutritious" April 2015

"Beautiful experience - sound, healing, people, place and of course food" Cheryl 2015

"Very full, insightful weekend in beautiful location. Focused teachings, delicious food, lots to integrate on my return home. I feel very connected to the elements, the seasons and the earth" Surya 2015

"Beautiful, nourishing food, lovely accommodation. Exquisite spaces to sing and tone and explore healing with sound" Sam 2015

"Thank you Paul and Jan. I've had a wonderful journey with you this weekend. The love and nurture I've received will stay with me on my onward journey" Jill 2015

"The weekend of Part 2 was amazing for me and I was ready for the practical sessions. The group was really fantastic I feel very blessed; we all really connected & respected each other & I really was able to learn from them too" Beulah 2015

"The environment you have created at Primrose Earth is very beautiful and the diversity of the places and buildings we use for the practices all aids the flow and energy of our own inner healing. I feel I have been on a weekend of experience as you facilitate beautifully. You and Jan make a team that is solid, supporting and expansive for all of us which is so very special. There were moments when I touched on that really deep inner place of peace and happiness. The group also made it very special" (Part 2) Surya 2015

'Super weekend. Lovely healing sounds, hospitality and new friends.' Mikaela 2014

'Absolutely fantastic weekend. Everything I hoped it would be and more.' Emma 2014

'I really enjoyed every minute of it and I'm definitely coming back for the second round.' Dilek 2014

'Lovely, brilliant, enlightening, yummy, tasty, fulfilling, kind, loving, I am smiling, I have learnt and I am coming back.' Emma T 2014

'Paul and Jan are very warm people, home-cooked meals with love - great. Good space for people to come together in a caring way, with a caring atmosphere.' Kasia 2014

'This was a sweet and gentle introduction to the healing power of the voice and sound. Jan and Paul held the space with heart and kindness.' Jody 2014

'Wonderful weekend - enriching. Very gentle and warm. Felt very safe and appreciated the open and informal learning and the care taken by both Paul and Jan.' Jayne 2014

"Primrose is a magical place. Paul and Jan work so fluidly together to create an amazing training of sound" Sabina 2014

"Insightful, subtle, amazing, beautiful, everything I needed, wanted and more" Paula 2014

"The still grace and beauty in which the content of the weekend is delivered is truly heart-warming; Jan and Paul equally bringing peace to me" Sarah 2014

"This is a peaceful, joyful and extremely informed course in a wonderful setting, with loving guidance from Paul and Jan" Trixi 2014

"An amazing beginning on my sound and healing journey. I cannot really describe the calm and warmth I shall take with me. Paul is a great teacher" Beulah 2014

'Beautiful experience, wonderful people, food and sounds. Blessings.' Sarah 2013

'What a weekend, wonderful vibrations and So Therapeutic. Thank You.' Hilary 2013

'A lovely magical. I felt a lot of really profound healing while I was on the couch and I loved working in the sound chamber. I hope to build one myself at some point. The combination of the place, the sound and the amazing food was a wonderful combination.' Love. Carolina 2013

'Marvellous, thank you.' Chris 2013


'Dear Paul and Jan, as always a thoroughly enriching, nurturing and inspiring weekend. Wonderful people, teachings, sharing food and drink to nourish our souls in and with sacred sounds and practice. Many Blessings.' Faith 2013

'I just want to thank you so much for the most wonderful times we have had this year at Primrose, in your tender and expert care, nurturing us to fulfil our potential to be God given gifts of sound and voice. With Love and deepest gratitude.' Sue 2013 Course

"My experience at Primrose with Paul and Jan was incredibly ‘changing’. Working with Paul and his gentle, yet to the core approach has affected me deeply. I think what makes the Primrose experience so unique is the situation. Being able to do the exercises surrounded by nature and having the sacred space of the sound chamber has really deepened my truly wonderful experience. Coupled with delicious food and inspiring company, what more can I say?! " Anne 2012

"Paul has the only sound chamber in Britain! and it certainly is a magical space to sing and sound in, it has to be experienced as words cannot describe it! it is a very earthy and womb-like environment which feels really safe to express and explore. Paul and Jan both have a very calming and healing aura about them which really helps you to relax and be yourself which is very necessary with this kind of work. I have come back wanting to go back! There is so much more to learn! All in all a very loving caring environment is on offer for anyone who is open to it! Thank you so much Paul and Jan! Namaste! love and peace” Lucinda 2012

"I found this course to be extremely beneficial - personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually and has been one of the most enjoyable, enlightening and fascinating courses I have ever attended. Paul facilitates the course in a thoughtful, sensitive manner, giving personal attention to every participant. He is a wonderful person to know and learn from." Masha 2012

"My time during Sound Healing PART 1 at Primrose Centre has been magical. Discovering the power of sound has been my greatest aspiration on my path of spiritual enfoldment. Many thanks to Paul and Jan for providing a wonderful space for me to connect with the land, my voice and community with others in a deep and organic way.' Charlotte, October 2012

'Charlotte, you have spoken for all of us too. Love and light, Roise and Judy, October 2012

"For me the location and venue were a perfect setting for learning sound healing. The trainer style was very professional but kind, welcoming and inclusive which made it easy to bond as a group" Jane 2010-2011

"The course was absolutely brilliant. It was transformative. I have started to become aware of who I am through my voice. I have gained so much confidence, not just in using my voice but generally and feel much happier with more joy in my life" Hilary 2010-2011

"I have found much more confidence in my voice and my musicality from the course, particularly in terms of improvising" Barry 2010-2011

"Primrose Centre offers a very special place for the sound healing training programme. The course here embraces a journey deep into the experience of sound in a safe, loving and very grounded environment with beautiful gardens and sound chamber. I highly recommend the experience to everyone" 2009-10

" Your dedication, commitment and instruction with sacred sound for healing, delivered with such care, warmth and open-heartedness has enriched and nourished my soul...... the land around you is a mirror of the love you radiate out to all you embrace" 2009-10

"I really enjoyed the course and the way it took our group on a journey of discovery and healing. We were encouraged to impart related knowledge and wisdom and we all had something to offer which enhanced the experience. Paul was generous in allowing this flow of information and always mindful of the curriculum in getting it all covered too. We had some fun too - always the sign of a good teacher!” 2007-8

"Primrose Farm is the perfect setting for sound healing and to experience a year at Primrose and sing through all four seasons was magical. The exercises are very useful and helpful for preparing to sound and particularly the linking to the Five Elements, about which Paul is very knowledgeable” 2007-8